Videos of our navigation experiment driving to Freiburg downtown

The EUROPA robot giving a tour in the populated downtown area of Freiburg.

In this video, the EUROPA robot plans a path through an area where no prior map is available. When entering this area the robot decreaes its velocity and starts to build a new local map. When it reenters an area where a local map is available it tries to find a loop closure in the map and returns to localization.

A campus tour of the EUROPA robot in Freiburg. On the left is the video of the robot and the obstacle detection, on the right is what is visible on the platform's screen.

This video shows OXFORD's text interface of the EUROPA platform in action during the Y2 review meeting.

This video shows RTWH's picture localization of the EUROPA platform in action. The captured photo is sent to the robot and it searches its database for the corresponding location to go there.

In this video, the EUROPA robot drives autonomously from the computer science department in Freiburg to the University Hospital area. The video shows the robot captured from a hand held camera, its internal camera, the accumulated point cloud from its laser sensors and the map graph.

Real-Time Multi-Person Tracking with Detector Assisted Structure Propagation (CORP 2011)

Multi-Person Tracking with Sparse Detection and Continuous Segmentation (ECCV 2010)

Car Tracking System

First autonomous run using the full navigation system at the Y2 review.

Videos for paper submissions